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Want a Cheap And Easy Reservations ?

Are you looking for a very affordable and convenient reservation for you upcoming trip? Well, congratulation! you have come to the right place.
Spirit airlines is one of the rapidly growing and pocket-friendly air carrier in the US and Latin America along with other destinations around the world. Our company came into existence in early 80s by Nek Homefield in Macomb County, Michigan. Which was known as ‘Charter One’.
When it comes to the top commercial carriers in the world, Spirit Airlines is the seventh largest airline service provider in the U.S.
One of the core benefits of choosing Spirit Airlines for reservations is that you can contact us anytime throughout the day. We are available 24*7 to help you with your queries and issues. All you need to do is dial +1(844)522-5022. Spirit Airlines also provides you with services like emergency and quick customer support. As mentioned above, our business model promotes a pocket friendly and a low-cost air travel, which allows you to achieve enough allowance so that you can freely make decisions regarding your requirements during the travel.
You can contact us at any of the following –

Why to prefer ‘calling reservation’?

As mentioned earlier, we are one of the top airlines in the world and offer up-to 350 flights, offering more than sixty different destinations across the United States, the Caribbean, America and more. Spirit Airlines fives you a much broader chain of country to reach to and visit.
By calling our customer support executives you get benefits such as –
Quick Airline Check-in
Best seats at cheap price
Avail extra-services like holiday packages, hotels, cruise bookings
Flight ticket booking at a very low rate
24*7 reliability and assistance
Direct communication to the flight staff for quick actions to your needs and issues
Access to carrying your personal item in the flight’s cabin
Choose the seat you wish

Our services are completely based on how we can do our best to serve our customers with an economically sound and budget-friendly air travelling. Hence, we assure you that every service provided by us will be the best of your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Dial the magical numbers and get your reservations done today!


Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a flight can be very hectic, expensive, and a very frustrating experience sometimes. However, knowing and getting knowledge about an airline's cancellation policy can save some considerable amount of money and time when in need of cancellation of a ticket.

If you are planning to book yourself a flight, or plan to book one for future with Spirit Airlines, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get all the information regarding the booking and cancellation policy. After you have read it all, you are free to apply any policy, according to your situation.

24-hour cancellation

The US Department of Transportation law states that the passengers cancelling their tickets within the time frame of 24 hours of the booking, should not be liable to a cancellation fee. Moreover, the refund amounts will be subordinated as per our policies.

We agree to the law and operate as per the guidelines of the transportation department.

Our 24 hours cancellation policy is the same for all categories. We offer 24 hours window before charging you for the cancellation. If the cancellation charge of your ticket is less than that of booking, a voucher of $10 will be issued to you which claimed when booking a ticket in the future.

Note: Our credits expire after 60 days of the issued date.

Spirit Airlines Date Change Policy | Spirit Airlines Phone Number +1(844) 522-5022

Spirit Airlines allows you to change your flight prior 24 hrs of your flight departure. Following are the change fees applies to your ticket if you are changing 24 hours prior to your Spirit Flight Departure.

To change your Trip and know the cost and conditions please contact Spirit Customer Care +1(844) 522-5022

If you have booked your flight same day and you are changing your trip with in 24 hrs, there is no change fee but fare difference will apply. Zero change fee condition is applied only to the Trips booked and changes beyond 8 days, within 8 days this condition doesn't apply.

Spirit Airlines Date Change for Flight Flex Fare Type

With Flight Flex you can change your Trip with Zero Change Fee prior 24 hrs to the departure of your Flight, fare difference will be apply and in case if your new fare is lower than current fare, Spirit will provide you with the Credit Voucher, Spirit Credit Voucher can be used to book flights and other Spirit airline services.

Changes within 24 hrs of your flight, normally tickets are non refundable and non changeable. Flight Changes within 24 hrs are not permitted. If you are changing for some unavoidable circumstance, we recommend you calling customer service and explain your reason for changes and Spirit may allow you to change your flight.

Talk to Spirit Airlines Customer Care to Plan Changes to your Trip

Contact Spirit Airlines for details on Spirit Airlines Customer Support at +1(844)522 5022

Call Spirit Airlines Customer Service to Change your Flight at +1(844) 522-5022


Spirit Airlines Policies to guide you through how to best use our services

Check-in Policy

We offer you various options to check-in with us, such as, check-ins through online platforms or calling, passenger self-service kiosk check-in, and direct check-in through airport’s counter.

Check-in through website – In order to check-in into Spirit Airline Flight via website, you are just required to visit the official Spirit Airline’s web portal and opt for online check-in. The check-in is available 24 hours before the departure time and ends 60 minutes prior to the flight take-off. However, the timings may differ depending upon the departing city and arrival destination. If you possess an electronic ticket or a reservation confirmation code, you can also get and print a flight boarding pass for yourself


Spirit Airlines Carry-on and Baggage

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy [2020 Update]

Spirit Airlines is one of the most famous low-fare Carriers. If you worry that we may compensate this by charging you high for your baggage, well! You have mistaken. It does not affect it in any way. We save you some high costs when compared to other airlines. Our airline services are designed to serve you with the best of prices in the market.

Our Baggage fees

Spirit Airlines offers one personal item free of cost. However, there are various baggage fees for checked and carry-on baggage. These charges are based on your fare club membership (if any), when you pay for the luggage, and the route of your booked flight.

All in all, you can expect a minimum of $33 for your checked bag (if you pay the fee at the time of booking) and $38 for carry-on baggage. Although, the prices may vary. You are required to pay at the time of booking to save yourself from a higher fee charge.

Spirit Airlines fees for sports equipment

Sports equipment like lacrosse, skis, fishing equipment, and golf bags will be accepted based on the weight and size limits mentioned in our policy. They will be considered as one hold bag/checked bag (associated fees will be applied accordingly).

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy


Spirit Airlines is headquartered in Miramar , Florida in the Miami metropolitan zone. We operate on trips all through the U.S. also the Caribbean Sea region, Mexico, and Latin America. Half of the flights are destined to the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Latin America.

The Policy

If you and your pet are prepared for a genuine experience this year, it might appear as though an extraordinary thought to get into an airplane and take-off for parts obscure. While aircrafts are getting all the more accommodating to pets, understanding the policies for your picked carrier can get you smoother travel.

The Spirit Airlines guidelines with respect to pets on their planes relying upon the role the pet gives. Service pets, emotional support pets/animals (ESAs), mental/psychiatric help pets/animals (PSAs), and general pets are totally permitted on Spirit Airlines flights but with different necessities relying upon the pets/animals grouping.

Spirit Airlines charges a $110 expense for every pet compartment on each flight (that implies you will get charged $220 for full round trip pet transportation). The pet transporters must meet size requirements that are the same for carry-on baggage as they should be kept in the cabin.